The high frequency light system that is a must have for lymphatic drainage. The Derma Ray has the ability to detoxify the body. Also great for Rosacea, Acne and other skin disorders. The perfect device for sun damaged skin repair.

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Derma Ray (or Tesla Ray): A high frequency energy light emitting device or cold laser device that is safer than the red light lasers because it does not surpass the nano-meter measure of a healthy human cell. The term cold laser refers to the use of low-intensity or low levels of laser light.

There is a great deal of variation in types of lasers available. Some devices do not have the output that they promise, and others are little more than light-emitting diodes (LED lights).


Benefits You Can Received with Derma Ray Appearance

Polishes skin and refines pores without abrasive acid mantle destruction

Stimulates the cellular growth of new collagens, elastin's and proteins Deeply exfoliates and emulsifies blackheads and white heads Reduces Rosacea, Psoriasis, Sun Damage, Acne, Pigmentation and Eczema Speeds tissue repair reducing scar tissue, burns and hematomas in just 20 minutes Reduces cellulite improving appearance and smoothness of skin Reduces lymphatic and fluid build up and is therefore slimming Oxygenates the skin fighting free-radical damage.

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Health & Well Being

Rapid opening of lymph nodes for effective lymphatic drainage Reduces inflammation, fluid retention, lymphedema and pain Increase cellular ATP levels, boost protein synthesis Improves cellular amino acid transport Excellent in the management of arthritis pain Improves circulation and energy output of cells Administers derma nutrition rapidly bypassing sluggish digestive systems.

The Science: The energy of the derma ray induces a flood of negatively charged electrons that penetrate the skin, terminating free radicals. It induces microamperes of intercellular current, which may stimulate some degree of intracellular electroporation. It increases ATP production in the cells due to the abundance of energetic electrons. It feeds the healthy portion of the Krebs cycle, rather than the cancerous fermentation portion. It optimizes the na-k pump cells membranes. It increases the transmembrane potential (tmp) of the cells which boosts the immune system. It dilates the lymphatic vessels It increases oxygenation of the cells.

Why Do I Need To Detoxify My Lymphatics?

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Because of the importance of an optimally functioning lymphatic system, lymphatic detoxification therapy is a highly effective, comprehensive therapy for allopathic and alternative healing approaches. If the body's metabolic and waste removal systems are not functioning properly, the entire human system will be adversely affected.

Restoring unobstructed circulation results in the enhancement of the immune system. As such, lymphatic detoxification therapy may effectively influence various ailments such as immune suppressant disorders, fibrocystitis, general fibromyalgia, and general inflammatory and/or infectious conditions of the blood, soft tissue, intestines and pulmonary system. It can also produce positive results against weight problems, cellulite, aging and other degenerative conditions.

No other modality currently in use appears to be as effective and safe as the Derma Ray. There are no known side effects.

Some conditions treatable by this therapy:

  • Pain, especially as it involves the soft tissue
  • Breast conditions, Fibrocystic disease, PMS, inflammations
  • Intestinal syndromes
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis, Bursitis and other conditions where inflammation is involved
  • Swelling, edema
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Increases glandular activity
  • Promotes pore elimination

Alternative and conventional physicians alike readily acknowledge that one of the most important keys to health is an optimally functioning immune system. The lymphatic system is often overlooked as an essential component of immune function. It is a network of vessels and lymph nodes that runs throughout the body, transporting lymph fluids and eliminating toxins. Affecting every cell and organ in the body, the lymphatic system is the terrain in which the immune system functions. It serves as a primary cleansing and filtration system, and helps maintain homeostasis, the body's innate mechanism of self-regulation.

Lymphatic functions include transporting nutrients and oxygen to the cell and tissues, removing protein waste and other waste matter (including environmental toxins) from the cells and the body's interstitial ("in-between") regions, maintaining fluid balance in the connective tissue, and transporting fatty acids from the small intestine to the liver for storage and later use.

When the lymphatic system becomes congested, these functions are impaired, depriving cells of oxygen and affecting the ability of the body to rid itself of its own waste material. Over time, other body systems that rely on the lymphatic system for waste removal will also become compromised, setting the stage for pain and disease. A sure sign of lymph congestion is sore or swollen lymph glands, which are most noticeable in the neck, armpits, groins, and intestines. But illness as wide-ranging as allergies, fibrocystic disease (non-malignant fibrous growths), and cancer can be related to lymph congestion.

Practitioners of alternative medicine often use diet, herbs, homeopathic remedies, sauna, and manual lymphatic massage to prevent or reverse lymph congestion, all of which have proven effective in stimulating the flow of lymph to some degree. While lymph massage helps to drain the lymphatic system and is well received by most patients, inexperienced therapists can aggravate a patient's condition by pushing the material to other areas of congestion. Well trained, conscientious therapists can avoid creating such a problem, but only spending a great deal of time in each session.

For this reason, an increasing number of leading edge healers and physicians are turning to a noninvasive hand instrument known as the Derma Ray device to restore lymph function and eliminate wastes. The Derma Ray is a valuable tool for restoring proper functioning in the body and immune system defense processes. The Derma Ray penetrates many times deeper than lymphatic massage alone, and also increases the effectiveness of manual drainage of the lymph system. The Derma Ray uses extremely low-current, cold gas light photons to transfer energy frequency patterns to cells in the targeted lymphatic regions. The Derma Ray achieves its results on an energetic level. Cells have an electromagnetic charge that either binds them together or keeps them apart. Understanding protein break-down will shed some light on this process.

In healthy, living tissues, protein structures are in a state of alignment, but when cells die or become damaged, these protein structures break down. The lymphatic system is constantly removing wastes, many of which are these damaged proteins. When there is lymphatic congestion and the proteins are not fully removed, pathologies occur. These nonfunctional proteins have the same electrical properties of attraction, but their structures are random and characterized by instability. This instability causes protein wastes to attract and retain water by electrical bonding. This build-up is called edema. The most specific and best use of the Derma Ray is for reducing or eliminating edema, including lymphedema after breast surgery. Using the Derma Ray breaks up the congestion caused by clusters of water and pooled protein wastes. The Derma Ray is also able to kill the virus, fungus and bacteria that feed on the pooled wastes, making the technique particularly effective for such conditions as sinus congestion, intestinal candida, or respiratory illness including pneumonia.

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The Derma Ray aids in the removal of unnatural additives in our food including the steroids that mimic hormones and attach to the proteins. With proper lymphatic drainage, they can be flushed out. Drinking a lot of fluids in concert with Derma Ray treatment assists the body in the detoxification process. Health practitioners who use the Derma Ray in their practice have found significant improvement in a wide range of conditions. Among these are pain (especially pain involving soft tissue and tissue congestion due to injuries), sciatica, PMS and inflammation related to menstruation, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, acne and other skin problems, allergies, arthritis, bursitis, diabetes, edema, lupus, fibromyalgia, respiratory conditions, scarring, cellulite, burns, eczema, and fibrocystic disease.

The main points for lymphatic flow in the upper body are at the clavicle region and sternum. In the lower body, the points are at the crease in the leg, near the groin. These areas are targeted to break up blockages and improve lymph drainage. Then other areas can be targeted for specific effects. Just 5 to 10 minutes on an engorged area can ease the swelling dramatically. More dramatic results are seen when the Derma Ray is used for treating more serious conditions. Most health practitioners focus on feeding the body or enhancing its ability to eliminate, but the idea of transport, the process in between digestion and elimination, is many times forgotten. If nutrients can not get past the digestive tract and be transported to the area of need, then supplementation is wasted. Manual lymphatic techniques clear blockages but with limited success. The Derma Ray is able to affect the deep lymphatic channels and break up the blockages to restore normal lymphatic flow.

Among the more dramatic changes using the Derma Ray, is in lymph node blockages, especially with breast tissue. When a lymph node is hard or sore, it is engaged in the warfare of trying to remove toxins or debris from the lymphatic channel so that it can return to its regular job of transporting oxygen, nutrition, or waste to their proper sites. The lymph node can only do its job when it is not blocked. The Derma Ray is able to safely remove blockages so that the nodes are no longer painful.

One session with the Derma Ray is the equal of four to eight strictly manual lymphatic massage sessions alone. It seems that with the Derma Ray we can get the lymph to be drawn into the large intestine and eliminated very quickly. It is not uncommon to see, over an eight to twelve hour period, a light colored coating on fecal matter as it is eliminated. Once the lymph flow and elimination of wastes have been restored to normal, it is essential to then address important day-to-day factors such as diet, nutrition, body structure, and mental health in order to achieve optimum long-term results. By focusing on such factors after Derma Ray treatment, an individualized program can be developed to prevent a recurrence of the problem and to resolve any remaining health problems.

Dr. Frank Chapman, an osteopath, discovered the “Chapman Reflexes” in the 1930’s. He found that these points had a neurological relation and control over specific organs and tissue sites. He found active reflexes which are quite tender to palpation when the area is lymphatically congested. The tenderness is usually in direct ratio to the chronicity and severity of the condition. He found that stimulating these specific points would increase lymphatic drainage in the area determined. Recent research has shown that the best and fastest form of stimulation is by photon, multiwave irradiation supplied by the Derma Ray device.