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Rapid opening of lymph nodes for effective lymphatic drainage Reduces inflammation, fluid retention, lymphedema and pain Increase cellular ATP levels, boost protein synthesis Improves cellular amino acid transport Excellent in the management of arthritis pain Improves circulation and energy output of cells Administers derma nutrition rapidly bypassing sluggish digestive systems.

The Science: The energy of the derma ray induces a flood of negatively charged electrons that penetrate the skin, terminating free radicals. It induces microamperes of intercellular current, which may stimulate some degree of intracellular electroporation. It increases ATP production in the cells due to the abundance of energetic electrons. It feeds the healthy portion of the Krebs cycle, rather than the cancerous fermentation portion. It optimizes the na-k pump cells membranes. It increases the transmembrane potential (tmp) of the cells which boosts the immune system. It dilates the lymphatic vessels It increases oxygenation of the cells.