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YOUR DOCTOR SAYS YOU’RE OK… but you just don’t feel well; you don’t know why. You have been tested, medicated, and even provided a diagnosis or two, but you still don’t feel well, have no energy and possibly can’t lose those unwanted pounds no matter what you try. Sound familiar? Reading this article right now may offer you the cause and the solution your body has been looking for.

If you want to feel better, ask yourself two questions:

  1. Are you addressing the true cause?
  2. Are your current programs/methods working?

Most who answer, "No," have missed the most common, but overlooked cause. Conventional methods are not prepared to identify or correct the equivalent of the latest plague: toxicity. The crazy part?

Toxic people don’t usually know they’re toxic and/or have not been properly tested.

Discover True Cellular Detox

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The American way of life promotes stress, anxiety, toxicity, illness and obesity. All of these contribute to the numerous chronic and degenerative diseases plaguing Americans today. Our bodies are overwhelmed by the variety and quantity of toxins needing to be neutralized and removed through our normal detoxification pathways.

Where do toxins come from:

A Study from 'Scientific American' revealed over 200 toxins are present in neonatal cord blood. Some studies actually show this number to be well over 400 including chemicals, heavy metals and pharmaceuticals.

We continue to add to this level of toxicity throughout our lifetime as a result of exposures at home, work, play and through the type of diet we choose to consume. Many argue that our body is designed to eliminate these toxins naturally using our organs of detoxification and elimination. However, the variety and quantity of toxins is overwhelming our system to the point that it has now become necessary to 'assist' our amazing body with its housekeeping chores.

How do we detoxify:

Detoxification involves many facets including but not limited to stress reduction, dietary modification, exercise, proper hydration, supplements, and therapies such as infrared sauna, massage, BEMER, detox baths, etc. All aspects of your lifestyle should be looked at to determine how best to proceed for the best possible results.


If you're dealing with intense levels of chronic illness and are ready to dive all-in, work with Dr Harris through the comprehensive detoxification and support protocol. This 10-month, 5 phase approach is designed to go deep into each Phase of the Roadmap to Health as you journey towards complete health restoration.

Prepare the body for a successful true detox experience.

What's Included in the


    The Comprehensive Protocol consists of five phases. When used in the recommended sequence, they can help address the root causes of what’s holding back wellness efforts.


    Phase 1 begins with one bottle each of Advanced TUDCA, BioToxin Binder, CT-Minerals, and Inflamma Control as you focus on energy and drainage.


    Phase 2 keeps Advanced TUDCA, BioToxin Binder, and CT-Minerals from Phase 1. It adds one bottle each of KL Support, Para 1, and Para 2 as you focus on gut health and immune support.


    Phase 3 maintains Advanced TUDCA, Para 1, CT-Minerals. It adds one bottle each of LymphActiv, ViRadChem Binder, Para 3, and Fulvic Iodine. This helps build momentum for deeper detox.


    Phase 4 maintains Advanced TUDCA, ViRadChem Binder, CT-Minerals, and Fulvic Iodine from Phase 3. It introduces one bottle of HM-ET Binder to address lingering everyday toxins. Inflamma Control is reintroduced for additional support.


    Phase 5 generally starts at the same time as Phase 4. It includes four bottles of LymphActiv and one bottle each of IS-BORR, IS-BART, IS-BAB, and IS-BOOST. The immune products are introduced sequentially, one month at a time. LymphActiv aids routine toxin removal.



Discover potential through research.

Our science team has decades of experience in biochemistry research, development, testing, and innovating, and our research is born out of a shared passion for discovering alternative methods of attacking chronic infection, disease, and other barriers to wellness.

This passion has led to unlocking the health benefits of extracts of Humic and Fulvic Acids, specifically when paired with our natural ingredients. These advancements have provided the foundation for a cutting-edge suite of supplements that directly address a myriad of wellness challenges facing so many today.

And we’re just getting started.

We are committed to ongoing research and continue to work with formulations and applying the results our research and clinical trials provide. This is one of our bedrock principles as we continue to provide supplements that address the toxicity of our environment today and the absolute necessity of actively working to counteract its effects on our bodies.

Our development cycle never ends. We will relentlessly pursue wellness.


Create cutting-edge scientific solutions.

The science behind CellCore isn’t simple, but the results are: We make supplements that work. Our BioActive Carbon molecules are engineered to the point where clay and charcoal binders have been rendered obsolete. With the ability to both bind and restore, BioActive Carbons function differently and more completely than traditional binders.

We’ve produced active carbon, hydrogen, and molecular oxygen molecules that carry enormous energetic potential and enhance virtually everything to which they bond. BioActive Carbon complexes increase retention, absorption, and utilization of nutrients in food, vitamins, minerals, and other supplements. This higher concentration of active carbons extends the time for which the carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen remain viable in the body.

BioActive Carbons can drive and protect the herbs and nutrients in CellCore supplements through the gastric acid, allowing absorption of nutrients in the right place at the proper pH. The fact that BioActive Carbons are comprised of nanoparticles means that they are able to deliver as designed at the cellular level.


Prove effectiveness with energetic testing.

As a tool in formulating, we utilize muscle testing, identify the correct ingredients, and pinpoint the proper combination and ratio to best know what will work effectively within the body. We muscle test every formulation until we gain a clear picture of what will provide optimal results in a wide variety of scenarios. Taking the time to work with different ingredients in different situations allows us to better apply the science of which components work best together and how to employ them to overcome wellness challenges.


Establish efficacy by clinical trials.

Only after meticulous research, development, and formulation, do our supplements enter a rigorous phase of clinical trials, testing, and outcome-based reformulation. Our affiliated healthcare professionals utilize the formulations in their clinical environments and consults, tracking and recording results.

These trials can range from a few months to several years, with the critical success factor being that they deliver as designed. Our data review provides the foundation for producing a supplement for the market. If we find something in our clinical trials that leads to a potentially improved formulation, we pursue that. We take research and development seriously and treat it as a constant cycle, a continuous process.

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