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Tulsa Natural Health Clinic services those in and near Sherman, Texas and focuses on Naturopathic Medicine to jump start cellular repair and regeneration that is vital to you achieving and maintaining optimal health. We believe our clinic has the answer for many of today’s complicated health problems. As 21st century health care moves from a disease based approach to a more patient-centric system that can address biochemical individuality to improve health and function, clinical decision making becomes more complex.

Our programs incorporate the physical, mental and spiritual components based upon Christian and Scientific principles to help people of all ages reach their health and fitness goals. We believe that in order to enjoy lifelong health and wellness one must find a balance of the body, mind and spirit. Like the mass of an iceberg, most causes of disease lie beneath the surface. Our clinic does not simply focus on alleviating symptoms, but instead investigates the root causes.

Our unique philosophy holds -- that the human body has an innate ability to repair itself, in most cases, when provided with the proper nutrients and environment. Our goal is to help you and your family achieve and maintain optimal health care, appropriate detoxification, a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Dr. Harris specializes in difficult cases that many practitioners have given up on. He has lectured to physicians in the United States, South America, Europe and Australia describing how to integrate functional medicine in a traditional practice. Dr. Harris provides highly specialized and personal service to all his patients.

Tulsa Natural Health Clinic and Dr Harris also offer Food Sensitivity and Food Allergy Testing (IgG& IgA panels of 195 foods)

Is the food you eat: friend or foe?

Food is the stuff of life, yet oftentimes the foods you eat are the cause of ill health and dysfunction. Often, it is hard to know which foods are the culprits. According to James Breneman M.D., former Chairman of the Food Allergy Committee of the American College of Allergy, approximately 60% of all undiagnosed symptoms are due to underlying food allergies. By eating the foods that work for you, you can experience new levels of vitality and optimism as well as eliminate symptoms that may have been plaguing you for years.

How to Become a Patient

If you are in or around the Sherman, Texas area and would like to become a patient of Tulsa Natural Health Clinic please complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the Health Questionnaires section on the front page. Print out and complete all of the forms except the Child Neurotransmitter Questionnaire if you are over 12 years of age. You must also click on the “Prospective Patient PMA Consent Form” and complete the required information.
  2. Call our Durant office at 918-551-6600 and schedule your appointment. The completed forms MUST be received by our office 24 hours before your first visit.

If you are unable to make it to our location we also offer consultations and testing over the phone.

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