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Dieting is not effective in permanent weight control. You can achieve temporary weight loss by dieting, but each scheme ultimately gives way to weight gain, and subsequent losses become increasing difficult. Worst of all, you get progressively fatter on less food. Dieting actually makes you fatter according to Dr. Lawrence Lamb, author of "The Weighting Game: The Truth About Weight Control."

Chris Aceto, author of "Everything You Need To Know About Fat Loss," states that cutting calories backfires. The more you cut, the more your body fights to hold onto its fat stores, as reducing calories signals the "starvation response" where the body tries to "survive" and hold onto its calorie reservoir known as fat. Skipping meals actually causes hormonal chaos. When you skip or delay a meal, both adrenaline and cortisol levels increase because you are not eating, your body "eats" itself.

This may promote weight loss, but you are not healing or losing body fat because your body is cannibalizing its own muscles and also losing water weight. Additionally, the next meal you eat, your insulin levels will rise even higher than they would normally for the same amount of carbohydrates consumed.

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