Welcome and thank you for your interest in Tulsa Natural Health Clinic. We believe TNHC has the answer for many of today’s complicated health problems. Our bodies are overwhelmed with toxic chemicals, inflammatory viruses, bacteria and heavy metals which contribute significantly to many of our chronic health problems.

We believe that a balance of the body, mind and spirit must be achieved if you are to enjoy lifelong health and wellness. Our programs integrate the physical, mental and spiritual components based upon Christian and Scientific principles to help people of all ages reach their health and fitness goals. Like the mass of an iceberg, most causes of disease lie beneath the surface. Our clinic does not simply focus on alleviating symptoms, but searches for root causes.

Our unique philosophy holds -- that the human body has an innate ability to repair itself, in most cases, when provided with the proper nutrients and environment. Our goal is to help you and your family achieve and maintain optimal health care, appropriate detoxification, a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Dr. Harris specializes in difficult cases that many practitioners have given up on. He has lectured to physicians in the United States, South America, Europe and Australia describing how to integrate functional medicine in a traditional practice. Dr. Harris provides highly specialized and personal service to all his patients.

Becoming a Patient

Many people who learn about Tulsa Natural Health Clinic want to become patients, but don’t know how to get started with the process. The first step is to go to the Health Questionnaires section on the front page. Print out and complete all of the forms except the Child Neurotransmitter Questionnaire if you are over 12 years of age. You must also click on the “Prospective Patient PMA Consent Form” and complete the required information.

The next step is to call our office at 918-551-6600 and schedule your appointment. The completed forms MUST be received by our office 24 hours before your first visit.

Required New Patient Form

Please Note: If we do not have the required forms 24 hours prior to your appointment you will have to reschedule.

(Click on each one and print out to complete)

Dear Prospective patient …
We look forward to assisting you with your health goals. Regulations require that all prospective patients review and sign the PMA Consent form before we are able to provide services to you. This form protects your right to seek pastoral health care services, and our right to provide them to you. This form must be received in our office "before" your first appointment. See steps below:

Step 1 - Go to: http://members.pmai.us/ 
Step 2 - Click on Register Now
Step 3 - Complete Registration Information.
NOTE: PMA Provider Name is, Dr Paul Harris
Providers Email is drpaul@tulsanaturalclinic.com

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have completed the member registration form a copy of your registration will be emailed to you. Please print that out and bring it with you for your initial visit.

New / Updated Material

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Are you exercising and not losing weight? Cutting calories and not losing weight? Perhaps you need to look at your genes and find out why!


It is now possible to evaluate your genetic predispositions to virtually all of the most pervasive, disabling, and deadly degenerative diseases of our time, including heart disease, adult-onset diabetes, cancer, and senile dementia. At Tulsa Natural Health Clinic, we now offer genetic testing that will allow you to identify your genetic predispositions to various diseases simply using your mouth wash rinse or a blood sample, and then develop and implement a carefully targeted, customized intervention plan even before pre-disease imbalances are manifest.

Tulsa Natural Health Clinic and Spa

Informed Consent Notice and Member Registration

Welcome… If you are one of the millions seeking a more natural approach to good physical and mental health you have come to the right place. We are a licensed provider for the Member Share Network, a multi-thousand member assembly of families and professionals that have joined together to share in leading edge natural health care concepts.

Our services are limited to registered members of the network and you must register here. The Membership is free and is the right choice if you prefer a more natural approach to good health.

Notice: Paul Harris is licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association to provide natural health services to individuals registered in the Member Share Network. All information on this website is intended solely for registered members of the network and for individual’s interested in learning more about natural health services. If you wish to receive services, member registration is free and may be completed on-line here. Note that if you have a complaint our services or wish to check the status of our license you should contact the Pastor Medical Association.

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